Custom engineered strapping solutions

In the world of manufacturing and logistics, securing goods for transport is an important consideration that should not be an afterthought. Whether you are bundling products together, securing pallets, or reinforcing packages, strapping systems play an important role in the safety of goods during transportation. While standard “one size fits all” strapping solutions are available, […]

Why Automate Your Strapping Systems

In the modern fast-paced industrial world, the key to staying ahead of the competition is efficiency. One area where a company can significantly boost their efficiency is their strapping processes. Whether it’s hay, wool, timber, bricks, or anything else that needs to be secured for shipping, strapping is a crucial step in many industries. Unfortunately, […]

The difference between plastic and steel strapping

When it comes to transporting or storing goods, choosing the right strapping solution is crucial. Plastic and steel strapping are both sufficient choices when considering your strapping needs. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, making the decision between the two an important one. When is it best to use plastic strapping over […]

Titan Robotics: automating your strapping solutions

Titan Robotics: Automating Your Strapping Solutions

The Automation industry is becoming more important than ever, with the market size growing to an estimated 148 billion (USD) in 2022. This is projected to reach approximately 219 billion (USD) by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate of 8.2%. This poses the question; are businesses lacking automation and sacrificing growth? And what disadvantage […]

How Proper Strapping Solutions Can Save You Money

In the world of logistics and transportation securing your shipments correctly is of utmost importance. Whether you’re sending products across the country or around the world, your customers expect your goods to arrive safely and undamaged. But proper strapping can have an even larger impact on your business than guaranteeing the safe transport of your […]