When you have the best technology, it is much easier to design the best solutions. The performance of TITAN equipment and strap enable the TITAN Australian team to engineer a solution which enables:

  • Faster, more efficient strapping (cycle time)
  • Greater reliability in the entire strapping system
  • Reduced downtime in the overall system
  • Higher joint efficiency
  • TITAN test and commission your plant at their Australian engineering facilities prior to it being delivered to you. This way, you can get faster set up times with lower setup cost and lower downtime for the entire plant.


A company with tradition – TITAN looks back on a long history. Today, TITAN is family owned and family led. R&D plays a significant role as well as “Made in Germany” of all TITAN products.

Titan is a system supplier – TITAN produces top-quality strapping tools, heads and complete machines as well as steel and PET strap and a huge range of accessories in its own facilities.


TITAN was founded in 1928 in Schwelm, Germany by the Timmerbeil brothers. From the very beginning, TITAN was an innovative company for which it is still known today. In 1998 TITAN was acquired by the Lenzen family, which has been dealing with steel strapping for more than 100 years – even longer than TITAN! Their company P.W. Lenzen originates back to 1842.

Today, TITAN is one of the worldwide leading companies in the strapping business with subsidiaries in many European, American and Asian countries.

TITAN’s headquarters are still in Schwelm, Germany. Our research and development centre and our engineering departments are also located here.

All TITAN tools and heads, as well as the strapping machines and their controls are developed, designed, engineered, manufactured and tested in Schwelm. For the manufacturing, Titan operates its own very well equipped mechanical workshop and several assembly lines based on the latest know-how and standards. Steel strap and PET strap are produced in Germany as well.

Today, TITAN considers itself as a system supplier. We manufacture everything needed for a perfect strapping in-house. Our company has a long history and our engineers have tremendous experience. Based on this, TITAN continuously presents new products and applications and will continue to do so.

We are a solution provider! So please, share your strapping application with us and we will be pleased to propose the most appropriate strapping solution.

Our Team

Ian Biggs


Tony Baughan

Engineering and Service Manager

Jordan Hamann

Mechatronics Engineer

Torrin Hoschler

Mechanical Engineer

Andre Wenham

Mechanical Designer

Tristan Maloney

Electrical Engineer

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