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TITAN's Latest; the K8000 SERIES

The continuation of a success story!

The TITAN VK10 is one of the top-selling strapping heads in the world.

It is a rock solid, ultra-reliable strapping head, customers all over the world have full trust in. Its many features, reliability and ease of maintenance have kept it in the market for more than three decades now.

This success story is continued now with TITAN’s K8000. This head comprises all the advantages of the VK10 and adds many more customer benefits.

The overall dimensions of the head were reduced in all three axes, so now straps can be positioned even closer to the edges of the packages.

The strap tension was increased to forces above 8,000N and with the TITAN interval-tensioning, this high force is equally distributed in the strap around the packages.


Each TITAN product is designed to integrate a solution which enables:

  • faster, more efficient strapping (cycle time)
  • greater reliability in the entire strapping system
  • reduced downtime in the overall system
  • higher joint efficiency


for Steel Strapping

From TITAN’s invention of the seal-less joint, back in the 1950s, we continue to innovate.
Our comprehensive range of seal-less aggregates take care of the complete range of applications with steel strapping.
All of our steel strapping heads feature seal-less joint technology – either mechanically-notched, or our patented TITANARG® TIG-welded joint.

for Plastic Strapping (PP/PET)

We offer a comprehensive range of strapping heads for plastic straps.
The seal-less joints made by means of either by friction-welding or by heater blade.
Our range of strapping heads offer highest availability, ease of maintenance, and predictable performance.


TITAN’s hand-held devices are the ideal companion in the medium strapping segment, for example for the manufacturing and logistics sectors.
The hand operated tools come in a wide range; so we that can match the various application requirements, and the strapping material in use.

Our tools match the high demand for excellent performance and reliability, with the advantage of portability.
For example; our battery-powered hand-held tools for plastic strapping are extremely versatile and are in use over a diverse range of applications.

for Steel Strapping

  • Manual
  • Pneumatic
  • Seal-Less joints
  • Joint with Seal (single notch, double notch)
  • Crimped Joint (lashing and lifting applications)

for Plastic Strapping (PP/PET)

  • Battery-powered
  • Pneumatic
  • Friction-Welded joint


As your output volume grows, it is downtime that truly devastates your productivity.

This is where the TITAN strapping technology with TITAN strapping material, produced to tight tolerances and in large coil formats such as Mega Jumbo and Hyper Jumbo PET coils, and steel strap coils up to 1 Metric Tonne.

Using the longest possible coil can truly reduce your downtime, increase your production speed, limit the number of interruptions, and increase your overall productivity.

TITAN enable you to take the next step in profitability;

  • highest strap quality
  • highest process stability
  • highest process safety
  • jumbo coils available – longer coils mean less interruptions
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Steel Strapping

  • of our own production, in Iserlohn, Germany
  • Standard Grade – in Oscillating Wound and Ribbon Wound formats
  • TITAN MEGABAND® – high tensile strength, high elongation
  • TITAN MEGAFLEX® – medium tensile strength, very high elongation
  • TITAN MEGAFLEX II® – high tensile strength, very high elongation
  • TITAN SUPERMEGA® – very high tensile strength
  • Lifting and Lashing Strap
  • Aluminum Strap

PET Strapping

  • of our own production, in Goch, Germany
  • highest strap quality
  • Mega Jumbo / Hyper Jumbo coils available
  • strap widths from 9mm up to 32mm
  • made from recycled material – environmentally friendly
  • strong, flexible, rust-free
  • potential cost savings compared to other strapping material


Dispensers for Steel Strapping

  • Trolley Dispensers for Oscillating Wound strapping
  • Trolley Dispensers for Ribbon Wound strapping
  • Horizontal Dispensers for Oscillating / Ribbon Wound strapping
  • Dispenser and Accumulator sets for use with automated systems

Dispensers for Plastic Strapping

  • Trolley Dispensers for PET strapping
  • Dispenser and Accumulator sets for use with automated systems


  • Snap-On
  • Pusher Seals
  • Crimp Seals for Lashing and Lifting

Strap Cutters

  • Short
  • Long Handled

Measuring Devices

  • Applied Tension (hand-held)
  • Break Strength / Tensile Strength / Joint Efficiency


  • Strap Choppers
  • Zero-Gravity Suspension Kits
  • Air Preparation Units


Each of TITAN’s steel application heads show superiority with their own custom strength and abilities. Using patented TITANARG® TIG welded joint, meaning there is no need for a cutter reducing wear and tear.


TITAN’s interval-tensioning enables shorter strapping cycles meaning better product strapping efficiency


TITAN’s hand-held devices are the ideal companion in the medium strapping segment, the hand operated tools come in a wide range of drives and tensile forces.


TITAN coils truly reduce your downtime, increase your production speed and increase your overall productivity enabling you to take the next step in profitability.

Seals & Accessories

Take your strapping efficiency to the next level.

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