High pack integrity – Zero stretch or retained tension.

Steel and lead rely on constant transport of prepared materials to suppliers and manufacturers around the globe. Ensuring that the pack arrives in perfect condition ready for use, the highest-level pack integrity should always be used. Using Titan’s zero stretch high tension retention steel strap and strapping heads can provide sturdy and reliable support during transport.

With such heavy material, safety is also paramount. Automation which removes the human risk becomes just as important as maintaining production volumes. Talk to Titan about an automation option for the steel industry.

Engineering Solutions

With our team of highly skilled Engineers, Titan Strapping systems can design a system that meets all your needs. With the latest software, the team design, draft and analyse the system using the latest in modelling software. This ensures all Safety requirements are not only met but exceeded.



The use of seals for joining is an established method and simply indispensable in many industries.
Nevertheless, the seal joint could also be an avoidable cost factor; therefore, TITAN offers its patented sealless joint as an alternative.

The VS11-L works with this type of joining for optimum processing of packaging steel straps up to 19 mm width on flat packages.

The pneumatic VS11-L is a robust, reliable and easy-to-maintain head for a wide range of applications, with a tensioning force of up to 10,000 N and high joint strength.

For hot coil application with a TIG-welded joint. VS32-L is the metal Industries workhorse, ensuring your product arrives at its destination safely, securely and with great pack integrity. Talk to Titan Engineering to discuss.

• Reliable, with very few moving parts
• High Strength
• High Tension
• Robust
• Fast (1.7m of strapping per second)
• For the roughest industrial environment
• Simple straight forward functionality
• Patented TITANARG® TIG welding process

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