Brick & Block

Flexible solutions, fast cycle time and long service intervals even in the harshest of environments

Chipping, cracking or colour fade will always be blamed on the manufacturer for poor quality. However, these can all be signs of poorly strapped bricks and blocks. By using TITAN’s high-tensile vertical or horizontal PET strapping systems, you can avoid these expensive mistakes in each shipment and keep your great reputation intact.

Engineering Solutions

The Titan team are here to ensure your productivity goals are achieved. We take advantage of every opportunity to utilise industry-best practice to deliver a safe and compliant system solution.



A bonus with the K8000 is the very small size and maneuverability. At only 70Kg it can be engineered to fit in any part of the line and easily maneuvered for maintenance or to adjust strap setting. Sometimes two inline strapping heads gets the best result. Talk to Titan Engineering to discuss.

• High speed
• Reliable, with very few moving parts
• High tension

The T400-2 is our Heavy duty strapping Head that pulls maximum tension (8000kn), and can be used on strap up to 32mm wide.


PET 12 – 32mm by 1.4mm plus

Mega Jumbo, Hyper Jumbo Coil or standard coils

• Reduces downtime caused by changeover of coils
• Allows continuous uninterrupted production

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