Tradition meets innovation in the K8000. It is the next generation development of the legendary VK10 from TITAN, one of the world’s best-selling strapping heads.

Decades of experience are now bundled into the K8000. Thanks to fewer wear parts and its robust design, it is particularly easy to maintain and gives durability a new meaning.

Minimum strap cycle times enable fast and productive performance. In addition, the K8000 has been designed to be extremely compact and, with a tensioning force of up to 8,000 N, delivers performance levels that are anything but ordinary for a head of this size.

Another typical TITAN feature is the fact that the K8000 has no clutches and therefore requires very little maintenance. Another aspect to note is its extreme flexibility, with strap sizes up to 19 mm / ¾” meaning the practical, platform-based design ensures a wide range of applications.

This design allows a flexible expansion of many optional features, such as a self-cleaning heater blade. All this makes the head an all-rounder for a vast range of applications – from furniture packages to 24-ton steel coils. Feel the (r)evolution!


• thermo welded joint up to 19 mm | 3/4 in strap
• one designated motor per function
• embedded boost and clean program for the heater blade


  • PP/PET Strap
  • Thermo Welded Joint


70 kg
154.3 lb


to max. 8,000 N (depending on the strap quality)


500 x 370 x 490 mm (L x W x H)
19.7 x 14.6 x 19.3 (L x W x H)””