The TITAN VK10 is one of the top-selling strapping heads in the world. It is a rock-solid, ultra-reliable strapping head, customers all over the world have full trust in. Its many features, reliability and ease of maintenance have kept it in the market for more than three decades now.

The K8000 is the continuation of this VK10 with all its advantage buy much, much more.


A revolution in design with only 70 moving parts means the K8000 has less parts that can fail and a much easier maintenance procedure. This innovation keeps your maintenance cost down and keeps your production uptime at its maximum.

The K8000 is designed to integrate into a complete packaging solution which enables:

• Faster, more efficient strapping (cycle time)
• Greater reliability in the entire strapping system
• Reduced downtime in the overall system
• Higher joint efficiency
• Engineering flexibility (no need to restructure your line around a strapping head)


  • HayHay
  • RecyclingRecycling
  • Wood / PaperWood / Paper
  • WoolWool


The lightest bulk strapping head on the market at only 70Kgs the K8000 inspires engineering creativity because of its increased mobility and ease of maintenance. For example, no need to move the bale around the head, you can now easily move the head around the bale. Or even have two heads next to each other working in unison to increase production speed and efficiency.


The strap tension was increased to forces above 8,000N and with the TITAN interval-tensioning, this high force is equally distributed in the strap around the packages.


The overall dimensions of the head were reduced in all three axes, so now straps can be positioned even closer to the edges of the packages.