The TITAN Automatenband meets the highest quality requirements and sets standards. Every millimetre of this strap undergoes a special heat treatment. This procedure is particularly important for the elongation properties, shock resistance and higher strength of the finished product.

The heat treatment also produces the characteristic, blue-shimmering oxide layer that serves to protect against corrosion. TITAN Automatenband is also available black lacquered or zinc-plated. Electrophoretic painting ensures uniform, controlled and ecological surface treatment. As with any steel strap, TITAN subjects the automatic strap to an elaborate rounding process.

Rounding of the strap edges has many advantages, reducing abrasion in automatic strapping systems as well as lessening contamination and minimising the risk of injury during processing. Typical for all TITAN steel straps is also the waxed surface on both sides, which in comparison to oiled straps ensures less contamination and prevents cold welding due to its friction properties.

The TITAN Automatenband is the ideal choice for a wide range of applications in both automatic strapping machines and hand-held tools.


• dimensions: from 12 x 0.42 to 32 x 1.00 mm | from ½ x 0.015 in to 1 ¼ x 0.044 in
• breaking load: up to 20,066 N | 4,960 lbf


  • Steel Strap

Breaking Load

up to 20,600 N | 4,640 lbf

Tensile Strength

≥ 830 N/mm2


from 12 x 0.38 mm to 32 x 1.00 mm
from 1/2 x 0.015 in to 1 1/4 x 0.044 in