The Supermega strap from TITAN lives up to its name. It is designed to meet the very highest demands, such as strapping of high-strength steel grades for the automotive industry and X-grade steels, so-called pipe strap grades.

One thing is particularly important in this case – maximum efficiency in strapping. Supermega offers an extreme strength of 1,250 N/mm². Thanks to this property, it is possible to significantly reduce the number of strappings per coil compared to standard high-strength grades and increase productivity.

With 8% elongation, it is still flexible enough to secure the ever-higher quality steels adequately. The matching counterpart to this top-notch strap is the VS32-L-SM head from TITAN specially developed for this purpose.

Only the combination of head and strap delivers superlative strapping results.


• dimensions: from 32 x 1.12 to 32 x 1.45 mm | from 1 ¼ x 0.044 in to 1 ¼ x 0.057 in
• breaking load: 57,500 N | 12,900 lbf


  • Steel Strap

Breaking Load

up to 57,500 N | 12,900 lbf

Tensile Strength

≥ 1,250 N/mm2


from 32 x 1.12 mm to 32 x 1.45 mm
from 1 1/4×0.044 in to 1 1/4×0.057 in