The VK10-K120-19 is the head with the largest contact surface in the VK10 series. The contact surface is at least 120 mm. This shows that high forces are at work in the operating environment of the VK10-K120-19.

The strapping head has been designed to secure pallets and profiles and is therefore considered a loyal companion in the building materials and timber industry. The generated tensioning force of up to 3,200 N acts on polyester straps with maximum dimensions of 19 x 1.27 mm.

As with all VK120 heads, joining is accomplished with a heater blade. A special feature of this model is the monitored welding temperature.

Harsh industrial use can do no harm to the VK10-K120-19. It has always been considered extremely reliable and impresses with a robust construction on a VK10 base for masterful strapping results in the polyester strap segment.


• thermo welded joint up to 19mm | 3/4 in strap
• one designated motor per function
• embedded boost and clean program for the heater blade


  • PP/PET Strap
  • Thermo Welded Joint


80 kg
176.4 lb


max. 3,200 N (depending on strap)


453 x 640 x 450 mm (L x W x H)
17.8 x 25.2 x 17.7 (L x W x H)””