Titan Robotics: Automating Your Strapping Solutions

Titan Robotics: automating your strapping solutions

The Automation industry is becoming more important than ever, with the market size growing to an estimated 148 billion (USD) in 2022. This is projected to reach approximately 219 billion (USD) by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate of 8.2%. This poses the question; are businesses lacking automation and sacrificing growth? And what disadvantage are they without automation on the competitor landscape?

Automation can help improve real-time decision-making by using Artificial intelligence (AI) trained models based on analytics, and predictions which will give the user the most optimal and accurate decision. The decision-making time is reduced and decisions will be consistent across the board. Automation can assist in complex decision-making by developing intricate ‘digital brains.’ They use pre-determined algorithms to process vast amounts of data and navigate uncertainty to make empirical decisions. These robots excel in engineering, through their encoded adaptability, risk assessment tools and analytical expertise in lines of code they can make real-time decisions with time-effective outcomes for your business.

Titan Asia-Pacific’s robotic solutions can provide automation for your strapping processes when preparing for transport. Effective strapping is considered industry standard amongst competitors, and essential in the logistics, transport and distribution industries. This needs to be perfect in terms of efficiency and cost for the end user, the customer. Efficient distribution in logistics management can lower transportation costs, improve delivery times, increase customer satisfaction and improve the overall efficiency of the supply chain.

Whilst this is still certainly achievable through manual workflow, automation can improve efficiency and lower long-term logistics costs for your business. A 2023 McKinsey study revealed that 60% of employees could save 30% of their time with workflow automation, with managers suggesting on average they spend at least 8 hours a week on manual data tasks. Automation can provide quality control, and the ability to predict what will happen next giving manufacturers and businesses the insights they need to improve their processes.

One question many employers have is, will Automation destroy company morale and take away job opportunities? The short answer is no, but to provide more context a recent Harvard Business Review study revealed that 80% of employee respondents reported that automation gave them more time to focus on taking on new projects, building relationships with customers and stakeholders and learning new skills. 90% of the same respondents also felt more satisfied with their jobs since the introduction of automation and 84% more satisfied with their employer, which was attributed to reduced burnout and improved individual work-life balance.

Titan Asia-Pacific has a wide variety of robotic automation solutions to assist you with strapping processes for logistics and distribution, which include the following solutions;

Titan Destrapper; this solution works for both steel and plastic strapping by loosening the coil and feeding it through the coil eye. This new state-of-the-art system has never been safer and easier. The new Titan Destrapper automates the process, eliminating the need for dangerous do-it-yourself solutions.

Titan Pick and Place; this solution will increase the efficiency of the production cycle by using the robotic function to place intermediate bars, pallets and cardboard layers in the desired position. Thus, Titan Pick and Place eliminates the need of manually re-enter the safety area each time these are placed.

Titan Sign; as each item requires unique identification, Titan Sign will measure the item and attach a marking. This marking correlates to the specified packaging key with its unique identification to track the manufacturing process.

Titan Labelling; this system allows for the attachment of labels to a multitude of different materials. These materials include coils, stacks of paper, cardboard rolls and much more. Titan’s labelling system is highly advanced and able to complete labelling tasks on surfaces with differing dimensions and in irregular sequences.

Titan Flexible; using Titan’s new and advanced robotic system, it is possible to fully automate Titan’s strapping head position in a fast and accurate manner. The robotic system allows for the movement of the head to the desired position after strapping. Additionally, the new Titan flexible robot is not limited to one function within the production line, the Titan flexible robot can attach edge protectors to a package.

When considered from the perspective of business owners it is shown that the automation industry is becoming more relevant in a modern context. Titan’s robotic solutions have provided automated, effective and efficient strapping. These robotic solutions have excelled in engineering, adaptability and risk assessment making them a need for long-term growth for businesses utilising Titan’s robotic solutions.