How Proper Strapping Solutions Can Save You Money

In the world of logistics and transportation securing your shipments correctly is of utmost importance. Whether you’re sending products across the country or around the world, your customers expect your goods to arrive safely and undamaged. But proper strapping can have an even larger impact on your business than guaranteeing the safe transport of your goods. In this blog we look at the ways that the right strapping solution can benefit your business financially.

Preventing Damage

The first and most obvious way proper strapping solutions can save your business money is by preventing damage to your goods during transport. Damaged products not only result in financial loss due to refunds or replacements, but can also tarnish your company’s reputation and in turn hurt the trust your customers have in your business. Additionally, under the heavy vehicle national law, the chain of responsibility starts with you. If a load you’ve prepared for transport is not properly secured you could be held liable and be issued a fine. Poorly secured goods can financially impact your business in both the short-term and long-term. Can your business afford to have an unsuitable strapping solution?


Shipping costs can easily escalate when you’re shifting high volumes, especially if your goods are packed improperly. Unsecured loads may require extra packaging materials or larger containers to compensate for the lack of stability. Poorly packaged goods will also require more handling by either your staff, your shipping carriers’ staff, or both. For these reasons carriers often give fines or charge more for improperly secured loads. Poorly secured loads can cost your company money in many ways including, additional labour costs, fines, or higher fees. Without a properly engineered strapping solution, you could find your expenses increasing dramatically.

Streamlining operations

Efficiency is key in any business so the packaging and shipping process should not be an exception. Poorly strapped products can lead to delays as workers spend valuable time readjusting, reapplying, or reinforcing imperfectly strapped shipments. Additionally, manual strapping methods can be labour intensive, time consuming, and prone to human error. All contributing to a loss in productivity and efficiency. Implementing an automated strapping system helps to streamline your businesses shipping operations, reducing manual handling errors, and increasing efficiency. By optimising workflow, minimising handling and downtime, your company will save money in the long-term. Titan Asia Pacific specialise in custom engineered strapping systems that will help your company streamline your shipping operations.

In the world of shipping and logistics, every dollar saved, and every package delivered undamaged can make a significant difference to your company. Proper strapping solutions provide a cost saving, safe, and efficient approach to the shipping process. By investing in a custom engineered strapping solution your business can mitigate risks, streamline operations, and reduce overheads. Titan Asia Pacific are experts in the world of strapping. Their experienced staff can show you how your business could save money with a custom engineered strapping solution. When it comes to securing your products for shipping, the right strapping solution isn’t just a cost, it’s an investment in your business’s success.