Custom engineered strapping solutions

In the world of manufacturing and logistics, securing goods for transport is an important consideration that should not be an afterthought. Whether you are bundling products together, securing pallets, or reinforcing packages, strapping systems play an important role in the safety of goods during transportation. While standard “one size fits all” strapping solutions are available, you’ll find that a custom engineered strapping solution tailored to your business’s specific needs will perform better for you.

Industries ranging from agriculture to white goods all use strapping, each with their own challenges. These challenges include variables such as the type of materials, the dimensions of goods, the weight of goods, and even environmental conditions. In these cases, opting for a custom engineered strapping solution becomes essential if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

So, let’s explore how a custom engineered strapping system will benefit your company.


A custom engineered strapping system can be designed to limit, or potentially even eliminate, the need for manual handling. This means those workers can be assigned to other tasks, increasing productivity and lowering costs. In turn, automating your strapping solution with a custom engineered strapping system will pay for itself over time.


Different industries have different safety standards and regulations that need to be adhered to. A custom strapping solution can be designed with these regulations in mind, ensuring that the goods are secured in compliance with these standards and regulations.

A well-designed strapping solution also helps minimise or eliminate risks to your staff too. By removing the need for manual handling your employees are no longer at risk from carrying heavy loads. They also won’t be directly involved in strapping the packages so therefore are at no risk from straps snapping under tension. We all value the safety of our staff and a custom engineered strapping system would help prioritise that.


It’s in the name, but one of the biggest benefits to a custom engineered strapping system is that it can be customised to fit your businesses unique needs. Perhaps you have limited space but handle large packages. So you need a solution that can work with larger packages in a smaller space. Maybe your business produces a large volume, and you need a strapping solution that can keep up. Or what if your company deals with a variety of different sized packages needing to be strapped efficiently? A customised strapping solution can handle any situation.

It’s also important for your strapping solution to be able to integrate with your existing infrastructure. With proper integration you can automate much of the process. As the products come off the manufacturing line you could have them delivered to a specific location where a picker can automatically select and place those items for strapping. 

Every business has their own set of unique challenges, and a standard strapping system may not be capable of rising to those challenges. A strapping system that has been custom engineered for your business unique circumstances is often the best solution.


While a standard “one size fits all” strapping system may serve in many situations, there are many compelling reasons for your business to consider investing in an engineered strapping solution customised for your business’s unique needs. If you’re looking for optimised efficiency, improved safety, and integration with your existing infrastructure, then the benefits of a customised strapping system are evident. Titan Asia Pacific have experienced engineers on staff waiting to hear from you. Contact Titan today to receive expert knowledge in excellent strapping solutions.