Lifting and Lashing Strap


Lifting and lashing straps must meet a whole series of further challenges than conventional steel straps. This strap accomplishes two main purposes. “Lifting” the product using the strapping, which means that the whole load of the goods rests solely on the strap. “Lashing”, on the other hand, refers to joining the coils with each other.

This is particularly important in shipping to ensure that the cargo stays where it belongs even in heavy seas. Slippage of the heavy loads could quickly lead to imbalance and cause the ship to capsize.

This shows how much force is exerted on the belt itself and the manufacturer’s responsibility for such lifting and lashing straps. For this reason, the manufacturer needs to mark the strap to clarify the insurance issue in an emergency.

The identification code of TITAN is H/HH/HHH/HHH-M. How reliable the lifting and lashing strap of TITAN is hardly needs mentioning here.


• dimensions: from 32 x 0.80 to 32 x 1.45 mm | from 1 ¼ x 0.031 in to 1 ¼ x 0.057 in
• breaking load: up to 48,800 N | 10,970 lbf


  • Steel Strap

Breaking Load

up to 48,800 N | 10,970 lbf

Tensile Strength

≥ 1,060 N/mm2


from 32 x 0.80 mm to 32 x 1.45 mm
from 1 1/4×0.031 in to 1 1/4 x 0.057 in